Artist Management Center  Application For Artists


●Professional painter

In painting as the main work or studying under renowned Artist who had published catalogs, exhibition abroad experience or qualifications of rich art exhibition house, the paintings need more than 100 or more, drawing more than 15 years of age, have the potential to create art or original style of performance the Artist.

●Live performances have creative ability

Unfettered outdoor space, instant brush creation, like close contact with people .

●It shall be the "Chinese Art Brokerage International Association" members

Painting with a member or former member of the Artist Painting.

Application Procedures:

Interested in participating in the Artist, to Sogoart Hall official website
Login registration form or to Sogoart Pavilion Hall complete the application form (Address: Taipei Jianguo Road section 162)
2.Registration Time: immediate effect ..
3.Accessories Information: basic personal information, resume (File Links application form) / exhibitor, winning or practical experience in the production photocopy documents

●Works drawing or movie (Quick File Application Form)

Need CD offered, each drawing at least 1MB of JPEG format, the number of works least fifteen types of informal, DVD positive note the name Name, please attach written information on

●For selection mode:

Preliminary examination: examination of the application documents and works, and will evaluate the first phase of inductees.
Review: According to preliminary results of interviews.
Please download the file and send a letter to

Apply to be an artist