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2015 / 12 / 21Taiwan heavyweight artists re-action [sun] exhibition 01 / 09-01 / 21

26000 phone shock, F1 car Like global traveling exhibition, and meet with Taiwan heavyweight artists including Technology Industry Development Center Lake Science Park! 1 / 09-1 / 21 grand display. 1/08 (E) 17:00 hold "Like F1 car unveiled" press conference, 1/17 (day) charity auction will be held at 15:00.

Taiwan heavyweight artists exhibited one hundred works. Taiwan glue color godfather Chenyong Sen, Bodhidharma painting master Huang Utagawa, painter David Liu Wei, Lin Shibao-American artists, abstract master Zhana water, the East Van Gogh Wang Liang and Yang of fat and other local artists, overlooking the Taiwanese artist style. More artists to paint live events and cultural and creative, printmaking district, in the past year shared with the public art event.

People do not want to disappoint the enthusiastic support of his hometown, and after the completion of the rest of the recovery vehicle like mobile phones, after Lin Shibao skilled reengineering, shocked the world has become an environmental masterpiece. Lin Shi Bao said: "After F1 like car complete, it announced that the people sent a discarded cell phone over, these are everyone's mind, so they used to make the F1 praise the police." Green environmental protection required by the world attention, Lin Shibao hope that through all kinds of different recycled content creation, to bring more people is not the same reflection.

Lin Shi Bao said: "I hope the future of the car, is by air, water, wind will be able to move forward." He said that the artist is the emotional appeal, put forward a blueprint for the future. And rational practical part, rely on scientists and entrepreneurs with assistance. Like the car can be and so much art circle friends came together Neihu Science Park, the scientists hope to be able to inspire more inspiration, more in the future, green energy reflection, make a better society.

Taiwan heavyweight artists [action] exhibition sun again

Duration: 1 / 09-1 / 21

Like F1 car unveiled: 1/08 (V) 17:00

Charity auction will: 1/17 (Sun) 15:00

Venue: Neihu Science Park Technology Industry Development Center

(Taipei Neihu sub-continent on the 12th Street BART Gangqian Station)